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With incidents of knife crime, shootings and terrorist attacks on high-traffic public venues on the rise, the implementation of concealed weapons detection solutions has become a necessity for governments, law enforcement, and security agencies.

WIFI Based Weapons Detection System


Sentinel WiFi is a revolutionary threat detection solution utilising WiFi. Patent pending, it is the only WiFi based concealed weapons detection system in the world. It has been deemed a game changer in the Security Industry and is a quick and easily rapid deployable system. Sentinel WiFi provides a warning of a potential concealed weapons on premises in the seconds available before an incident happens. 


  WiFi based concealed weapons detection product for use by first responders on laptops and handheld devices


  Sentinel  WiFi  creates an electromagnetic sensor to detect concealed materials through machine learning AI and indicates the potential risk


 Sentinel WiFi only detects what you want it to detect through machine learning as it is coded to detect the density, shape and mass of the object 

Concealed Weapons Detection

  In most public places, wireless signals can penetrate bags to get the dimensions of dangerous metal objects and identify them, including weapons, aluminium cans, laptops, and batteries for bombs

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Sentinel Wifi Leaflet (pdf)


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Sabre Global UK Ltd is partnered with First Responder Technologies to offer the WIFI based weapons detection in the UK. We offer a turnkey solutions for supply, fit and service packages to suit your mission.  

Sabre Global UK is a solutions based security company providing various types of permanet and mobile security products from WiFi based concealed weapons detection, to roadblocks and CUAS. 

We offer bespoke security solutions for your company needs.

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